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Living Fibers was founded in 2017 by Mariana Baertl, a Peruvian fiber artist specializing in embroidered and woven pieces for home décor. The brand was born from the artist’s deeply integrated passion in creating things with her hands. Since its launch, Living Fibers has been steadily growing, attracting followers from around the world, and collaborating with brands such as We are Knitters.

The founder’s mission comes from a desire to encourage those who wish to start a new hobby, seek to formalize a future project, or aim to start their careers as textile artists. There are a variety of courses and tutorials offered on-site that present easy-to-learn techniques that anyone can engage with. Living Fiber aims to give individuals feelings of peace and relaxation while engaging with textile art.

The materials selected for Living Fibers are all inspired by the nature the artist has seen around the world. Each carefully sourced material is 100% natural, organic, and sustainable.

Meet The Team

Our tight-knit team is made up of creators, designers, and artists, who are woven together by a passion for all things crafty. Creativity is entwined into everything we do, and we wanna encourage you to join in!

Mariana Baertl

Creator, Director, and Designer

Head of Living Fibers HQ, Mariana is a nature-loving fiber artist from Peru who founded Living Fibers to encourage people to join her in getting crafty, while using wholesome nature-inspired, organic materials.

Isabella Morgan

Administrative assistant

Isabella is the sporty spice of the team, she loves all things sports-related. Our all-rounded admin assistant is also currently studying to be a nurse.

Katie Malone

Copywriter and Content Creator

Katie is the digital nomad of our team who enjoys floating around the world and can be found with her head in a book or behind the laptop creating rockin’ content!

Betzabe Burgos

Textile expert and longtime weaver

Betzabe, our weaving superstar shares our deep love of fibers and has been weaving since she could talk! She made herself her first knitting needles with wooden sticks when she was a little girl.

Nina Baertl (my dog)

Creative mastermind. 

All hail Nina, our divine inspiration!