Looking for locally sourced, 100% natural, high-quality materials to provide for your customers? Living Fibers now provides the option for retailers to purchase our stock in bulk, at a discounted price. It’s easy to set up a wholesale account with us, simply fill out the form below, and once your account has been approved you will be notified to tell you that you can begin ordering! 

Why is Living Fibers the best choice for your wholesale needs?

  • All of the material that we sell is locally sourced, 100% natural, and of the highest quality. 
  • Our shop supplies a variety of materials and kits in unique and versatile color palettes and textures. 
  • Getting materials from us is easy and hassle-free. We will work with you personally, and will support you in any assistance that you require. 
  • Make a positive impact by purchasing our materials that are in partnership with different textile communities Peru. By doing so, you are supporting and empowering local artisans while contributing to the preservation of ancient textile traditions.



Thank you for your interest in becoming a Living Fiber Wholesale Partner. Please take a few minutes to fill out the wholesale-account form below, and we will be in touch. We appreciate your patience as we verify your information and set up your account. We look forward to working with you!